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Wealth Management

Sovereign Capital Vantage—a fee-only fiduciary service provider—is disrupting the status quo by providing working individuals with personalized investment options with a starting capital of less than $500,000. Leveraging robust data analytics platforms, like Morningstar, we build customized investment portfolios for our clients based on their diverse incomes and risk factors, helping them generate significant returns from their passive assets. We provide personalized wealth management portfolios for each individual based on one of our five proprietary investment models irrespective of whether you are just beginning your investment journey or have already reached the millionaire milestone.

401k Management

We are proud to introduce our newest wealth management service! If you are still working and have a retirement plan at work, whether a 401k, 403b, and even a TSP; we can probably help you.

We now have the capability to rebalance held away accounts just like accounts we directly manage. We can exercise discretionary management of these accounts, even communicating a buy or sell order to held away accounts, including 401(k)s, 403(b)s and more, across hundreds of leading financial institutions. 

Professionally managed 401(k)s outperformed self-directed accounts by an average of 3.32% per year, net of fees. For a 45-year-old participant, this could translate to 75% more wealth at 65.*

* Edelman Financial Engines and Aon Hewitt. Help in Defined Contribution Plans. May 2014. Research results presented for informational purposes only.


Financial planning and consulting can take forms, from the more typical Retirement Planning, to Succession Planning, College Planning, Budget Planning, Insurance Analysis or Debt Management Planning. When engaged in these various types of  planning, we utilize a five-step process. In short, we want to correctly understand where you are, where you want to be, and when you need to be there; and then identify anything that might prevent that from happening.


Professional Financial Planning and Consulting involves a lot more than just considering volatility risk. Just within investing alone, there are ten different types of risks we mitigate for All investment programs have certain risks that are borne by the investor. Fundamental analysis may involve interest rate risk, market risk, business risk, and financial risk. Risks involved in technical analysis are inflation risk, reinvestment risk, and market risk. Cyclical analysis involves inflation risk, market risk, and currency risk.

In Financial Planning and Consulting, there can be even more risks to identify and incorporate strategies into a plan to address.


So once we understand the elements of your planning objective, we develop a comprehensive written plan designed to achieve the goal while also identifying all known risks to the objective along with specific plans to mitigate or avoid those potential obstacles.

For these services we charge $150 per hour with the time needed agreed upon ahead of time. For full details, see our disclosure document.


Financial Planning and Consulting

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Divorce Planning

Why Divorce/Separation Planning is Important—


When two people, once joined by marriage, head off in new directions, each of them will encounter change and uncertainty, a possible intermingling of or rotation between anxiety and excitement, and, of course, big financial shifts. Having someone to prepare and guide them in making the best possible decisions can affect the rest of their lives.  


And that’s where our Divorce (and Separation) Planning service can help.

What We Can Do For You-

Here are some of the highlights of this service:

  • Help you establish your priorities with respect to children, property and finances.

  • Help you get organized with financial statements, tax returns, details about investments, employee benefit information, mortgages, earnings, listing assets and debts, listing marital property and receipts, household inventory, household bills, bank accounts, credit cards, child or spousal support, insurance and other documents that would have a bearing on your financial situation. 

  • Assist you in developing a comprehensive to-do list for the process. 

  • Help you prepare a financial affidavit (for those who have connection with states requiring it). 

  • Help you in your assessment of your separation agreement

We are passionate about helping people through this because we have seen first hand what a huge difference it can make.

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