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Our Philosophy

We conduct our business according to a Code. Our Code is based on the guiding principle that the interests of our client are the top priority. Our officers, directors, advisors, and other employees have a fiduciary duty to our clients and must diligently perform that duty to maintain their trust and confidence.

1.  Our first rule with our client’s money is that it’s our client’s money. This is our compass.

2.  We believe perhaps the starting point to making money is to avoid losing it. Our objective is not to beat the market during a record year of positive returns, rather, it’s to beat the market when the market is down. Why?

  • Recovering from a 50% loss, requires a 100% return.

  • Recovering from a 32% loss requires only a 47% return.

3.  Cut out the middleman. This means we don’t sell you mutual funds, ETFs or other pre-packaged investment products, all of which would add additional costs on top of management fees. We also don’t work with third-party money managers. Not only does this philosophy reduce expenses, it allows you to know you’re working directly with the professionals who are managing your money.

4.  You can only spend your money once, but you can spend the money your money makes over and over again. This idea is foundational to the strategies and plans we develop.

5.  We believe it is possible to enjoy higher returns than the market, while at the same time taking less risk than the market. Ask us how this is possible.

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