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Professional 401(k)/403(b) Management

Supercharge your employer sponsored retirement plan with active professional management! Find out if your plan is eligible today! We can work with most plan types and plan sponsors.

What does it mean to be professionally managed?

Our technology allows us to see your plan's options, research the options and most importantly, to actively trade within your account, choosing from the choices within your plan. This means that a professional investment fiduciary will be overseeing your investments and will be able to react to market changes as well as keep it rebalanced. And studies have shown that professionally managed 401(k)s outperformed self-directed accounts!

Results-Driven Fiduciary Management

Professionally managed 401(k)s outperformed self-directed accounts by an average of 3.32% per year, net of fees. For a 45-year-old participant, this could translate to 75% more wealth at 65.*

* Edelman Financial Engines and Aon Hewitt. Help in Defined Contribution Plans. May 2014. Research results presented for informational purposes only.

How much does this cost me?

For full details on our fees, see our Form ADV2. But on average, clients pay about 1.5% per year. In the study cited above, professionally managed accounts outperformed self-directed accounts by 3.32% per year after fees were paid.


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