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We are dedicated fee-only fiduciaries. When Sovereign Capital Vantage, Inc. was formed, a great deal of thought was put into our structure. Once the options were all considered, our choice was clear. We registered the corporation as a Registered Investment Adviser only, and not as a broker dealer representative. This structure allows us to operate as fiduciaries for our clients, legally governed by the best interest standard — placing your interests even before our own — rather than merely operating under a “suitability standard”. Only about 8% of all financial advisors choose this path. We invite you to ask us why we believe this is important.

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Rather than providing a focus on selling financial products, we embrace a FEE ONLY approach that focuses on delivering services--and better outcomes--to our clients. The end result is a highly individualized approach that aims towards prioritizatizing & achieving your goals, wealth accumulation, wealth preservation & wealth distribution. Our overarching aim is that you have a successful--and a worry-free--future.