Marc Thompson | Fiduciary


Marc Thompson is a Christian man, having attended fellowships with the same church since 1986. He has been married to his wife Diana since 1988 and together they have four daughters. He resides in Ashland, Virginia. Marc is an owner and founder of Sovereign Capital Vantage, and leads Sovereign’s multi-state operations, with responsibility for the business of caring for client’s wealth and planning in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee. He developed the five investment models that form the foundation of investments we offer our clients.

Marc began his career as a Financial Advisor in 1996 and since that time has worked with clients of all sorts from clients in late retirement years, to high net worth accredited investors, from retail investors to Private Placements and Intrastate Public Offerings.

Marc has served in a high-level leadership role in four investment related companies in Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee, including his role as President, CEO, and Director of Heartland Associates, Inc., a diversified financial holding company located in Missouri, which owned and operated two subsidiaries, Heartland Insurance Group and Heartland Investment Management, a Registered Investment Adviser.

Heartland was a privately held company owned by more than 230 accredited investors. In this role, Marc was responsible for the formation of the parent company as well as their subsidiaries and exercised a fiduciary duty to the shareholders. He oversaw three stock offerings which raised millions of dollars and executed a business plan he developed, which resulted in Heartland Insurance Group becoming the fastest growing Health Insurance Agency in the state of Missouri. According to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri, the company was the fastest growing they had ever seen.

Marc has served in various charity volunteer positions, including the board of directors of Beauvoir, scout leader, church duties and speaks regularly to audiences presenting the six programs he’s developed related to events during the War Between the States. 

David Thompson Fiduciary

Vice President

David's financial ethos orbits faithful stewardship emphasizing III John 2--I wish above all things that you all may prosper and be in health; Psalms 15:4 --...swear to his own hurt and change not; and, Proverbs 13:23 - there is much food in the tillage of the poor, but there is that which is destroyed for want of judgement. He focused on small business entrepreneurship and real estate investing before joining the firm in 2018. He strives to always offer the best available to assist his clients in finding their abundance. 

David began his financial career in 2000 working exclusively with high net worth individuals in two stock offerings in Missouri. He focused on small business entrepreneurship and real estate investing until joining the firm in 2018.  

With clients in Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, New York, Massachusetts and Washington, his primary focus has been the proper stewardship and successful growth of his clients' wealth--and their understanding and peace of mind.  As Vice President, he focuses on Sovereign’s digital and in-person outreach efforts.  His passion in wealth management and financial planning in Richmond, Virginia, is manifested in advising pre-retirees who are looking to make up lost ground, small business/self-employed professionals, families and individuals--in, entering or nearing retirement. David leverages his foundation as a visionary Idea-Person, USMC Veteran, veteran entrepreneur--and the awareness of those unique challenges--to maximize his client's overall success.  This sometimes involves building a customized retirement plan curated around their unique life situations, and most always centers on maximizing their wealth accumulation, tax-optimizing their asset allocations in our proprietary models, and employing tax-efficient distribution strategies for those taking distributions. 

David has three adult children in Missouri, and he resides in the Richmond and St.Louis areas and enjoys contributing to his home church, which he’s been active with since 1984. He is proactively engaged in the local community as part of Mercantile Ashland Partnership (MAP Secretary BOD) and loves spending time with his children, studying longevity science, biotech advances in epi/genetic engineering, applied sciences, biblical archaeology and astronomy, shooting sports, fitness and supporting veterans & first responders (Oohrah and Semper Fi). He has a number of furry canine friends he enjoys as well.

Diana L. Thompson | Fiduciary


Diana is a Christian woman, attending fellowships with the same church since 1988. She and her husband Marc married in 1988 and have four beautiful and successful daughters. She resides in Ashland, Virginia. Diana is an owner and founder of Sovereign Capital Vantage, Inc. and was key in its formation and development, assisting in the establishment of important structures within the corporation.  

By profession, Diana is a special education teacher, and has served as the Multidisciplinary Educational Team Chairman, and as such was responsible for the enormous amount of legally required paperwork associated with special education. This experience with detailed regulatory requirements has been a tremendous benefit to the administration of Sovereign as it operates in a highly regulated industry. 

Diana holds a degree in Special Education Hearing Impaired and has served Desoto County, Mississippi as a teacher for more than 10 years, until May of 2022.

Diana volunteers regularly with her church, has served as a scout leader, EF Tours Exchange Student Host and served for many years as President of the Southaven Highschool Art Boosters, where three of her and her husband’s daughters graduated.