Divorce Planning

Divorce Planning


Nobody ever said divorce was pretty. But experts’ estimate that nearly 50% of American marriages end in divorce indicates that the experience certainly is human.  


Why Divorce/Separation Planning is Important

When two people, once joined by marriage, head off in new directions, each of them will encounter change and uncertainty, a possible intermingling or rotation of anxiety and excitement, and, of course, big financial shifts. Having someone to prepare and guide them in making the best possible decisions can affect the rest of their lives.  

And that’s where our Divorce (and Separation) Planning service can help. 


What We Can Do for You

Here are some of the highlights of this service:

  • Help you establish your priorities with respect to children, property and finances.

  • Help you get organized with financial statements, tax returns, details about investments, employee benefit information, mortgages, earnings, listing assets and debts, listing marital property and receipts, household inventory, household bills, bank accounts, credit cards, child or spousal support, insurance and other documents that would have a bearing on your financial situation. 

  • Assist you in developing a comprehensive to-do list for the process. 

  • Help you prepare a financial affidavit (for those who have connection with states requiring it). 

  • Help you in your assessment of your separation agreement.